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Life is a Game Android Gameplay [1080p/60fps] - Лучшие видео поздравления в ютубе (в высоком качестве)!

Life is a Game by DAERISOFT is a simple 2D platformer where you practically have to live a person's entire life, making all sorts of important decisions along the way. And just like in real life, reaching old age doesn't always depend 100% on your own actions.


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The controls in Life is a Game are relatively simple. In the lower part of the screen, you have all the action buttons. With the two on the right, you can make decisions and jump (a key move in reaching elements you want to grab). On the left, you have three other buttons to activate the results of your choices. If you're looking for an original and entertaining experience, Life is a Game has got you covered. There are more than a dozen different endings, all depending on the decisions you make throughout your life. And to top it all off, the game has awesome pixelated graphics.

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